Government & Politics

"We Don't Fear the Future—We Shape It"

US President Barrack Obama, 2009

What is Politics?

Politics is directly relevant to our everyday lives . It is an exciting and fascinating subject that would suit any student who is interested in power, justice and equality in society.

Studying Government and Politics gives students a real insight into the world in which they live. Students learn how the political decisions that affect our lives are made and who has the power and authority to make those decisions. They also develop analytical and evaluation skills as they debate topical and controversial issues, form their own political opinions and study different ideological viewpoints.

Politics in St Patrick's Grammar School


Ms Neill


History 2


GCSE and A Level

Politics is taught at GCSE and A Level by Ms Neill. The department shares resources with History. Teaching takes place in one of the two main History classrooms. Politics students have the opportunity to visit the NI Assembly and attend shows such as the BBC's Top Table. Pupils also work closely with Politics students from Down High School as part of the school's Shared Education initiative.

Every Politics unit at GCSE and A Level has a dedicated Google Classroom to support teaching and learning. Assessment will involve formal examinations in December and March. On-going formative assessment will also take place through class activities, oral questioning and written homework. There will be regular topic tests throughout the course. Discussion and debate form a key part of the learning process.

CCEA's Teaching and Learning Aims

• Develop a lifelong interest in government and politics;

•Develop higher order thinking skills such as creative thinking and problem-solving;

•Think critically about the political systems in which they live and how they may participate in those systems;

•Demonstrate, through external assessments, that they are able to understand and apply key concepts and can think and write critically;

•Develop advanced study skills that help them prepare for third level education.

Careers in Politics

Careers in Politics

An understanding of politics is an invaluable asset and helps young people become active and informed citizens. It is also helpful in a wide variety of professions.

  • Politician
  • Lawyer
  • Civil Service fast streamer
  • Government researcher
  • Politician's assistant
  • Public affairs consultant
  • Public relations officer
  • Political correspondent
  • Charity officer
  • Teacher
  • Diplomatic service officer
  • Local government officer
  • Newspaper journalist
  • Public relations officer

President Obama has a Politics degree from Columbia University.

Opportunities for Young People to get involved in Politics

Join the Red High's Student Council

Study Politics