Mobile Notary public


Mobile Notary Publics are available for:

  • Individuals/professionals who are interested in a convenient service. A traveling notary public will come to the signer's preferred meeting destination and time for a service fee in addition to $5/notarial act.

  • For documents unauthorized for Remote Online Notarization by the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institution.

*Please note: We currently DO NOT have a location for walk-in services. No, you can not come to us.

Check out our Remote Online Notarization Service or use your favorite map source to find a location offering walk-in services.

We provide optional services at no additional cost.

Same day/Weekend Appointments-Short on time? Do you Work Monday-Friday?

Scheduling Appointments with Signers-Great for busy professionals.

Free Printing-Email the document and we will bring it to the meeting.

Scanning-Do you need the document ASAP? You Got It

Courier Trips-You must provide your own prepaid shipping labels.

One Free Envelope and Postage Stamp for USPS Trips-We love freebies.

Please read the "WHAT TO EXPECT DURING THE MEETING" section before requesting a notary public. The document must be completely filled out prior to meeting with a notary public. N/A all blanks. The only blanks on the document should be the signature, date, initial lines, and notary section.


During your visit with a notary, here is what you can expect.

  1. Have all pages of the document you are requesting to be notarized.

  2. All signers listed in the document must be present with a valid photo ID.

  3. All signers will be screened for alertness, knowledge of the document, and willingness to sign.

  4. Some documents require the notary to physically witness your signature and administer an oath. To keep things simple, complete the document EXCEPT for the signature, initials, and date.

  5. Some documents require two forms of ID.

  6. Your document may require witnesses who must be present at the time of notarization.

  7. Before the notarization takes place, all of the above must be present. The notary will record the transaction in a journal and have each signer sign the journal.