Byron Impact Fund

Byron Bear Debit Card

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Purpose of the card

First Security Bank and the Byron School District have had an ongoing partnership for many years. In an effort to support innovative school initiatives that support student learning in a time of limited school resources, a framework for ongoing support has been created. For these reasons, in partnership with the Byron School District, First Security Bank created the Byron Bear Debit Card earmarking a portion of the proceeds earned from the use of this card back to our area youth. Every time the cards are used to make a point of sale purchase, First Security Bank donates a percentage of the interchange fee back to the Byron Public Schools. The cards provide funds for programs and supplies that may otherwise not be possible. We encourage you to use the card that gives back!

Donation Guidelines

The main focus of these funds is to impact the greatest number of students in the Byron Public School District as possible with monetary gifts that will benefit students for years to come. It is also our goal to award money for items that would not be funded through the normal course of business without a fundraising campaign. This one time contribution is not meant to be used towards reoccurring expenses from year to year. All funding requests should be linked to the Byron Public School Strategic Plan and focus on enhancing or improving student learning. Money raised through this interchange system will be available two times per year with funding applications due in the fall and spring of each year. APPLICATION DEADLINE IS NOVEMBER 2, 2018 THIS FALL. APPLICATION DEADLINE IS MAY 15,2019 THIS SPRING.

Donation Selection

Donation Requests will be reviewed and selected by a committee made up of First Security Bank of Byron employees in conjunction with Byron Public School employees in May and November of each year. Checks will be issued by May and November.

Donation Report Summary

A brief report summarizing outcomes and impact of the donated funds would be appreciated shortly after the ending date of the project. Project pictures are encouraged, and we request they be submitted with your summary report.

Application Submission

All applications should be submitted by the end of the work day noted above to the school district office.