Right experience,

Right choice

Right Experience

  • Experienced nurse with 18 years of healthcare experience, 11 years as a registered nurse, including:
    • Forensics:
      • Comprehensive evidence collection
      • Crime scene preservation
      • Objective reporting
      • Effective communication during traumatic events
    • Executive leadership:
      • Vice President at the largest nonprofit hospice organization in the state of Illinois
      • Oversight of five teams (150 employees total)
      • Development and execution of programs and procedures to support the success of the organization
      • Stewardship of team's financial expenditures to optimally utilize resources in a responsible manner
    • Hospice:
      • Educate patients and families about terminal disease progression
      • Discuss end of life care and wishes with patients and their families
      • Care for and comfort the dying during their last breaths
      • Certified in Hospice and Palliative Care Nursing (CHPN)


  • Continuation of the accreditation process with the International Association of Coroners & Medical Examiners ensuring
    • A professionalized office
    • Accountability to accrediting body
    • Proper evidence handling and storage
    • Initial and ongoing training for staff