Costume/Make Up

Please make sure your child has on a base outfit for both days (girls - leggings and tank top shirt and boys comfortable black pants and tshirt). This will make it a lot easier for the cast to put on their costumes throughout the show.

Please make sure your child wears base foundation with blush for stage lighting. They may wear light eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick too. Each child should bring in their own make up to freshen up in between shows. Parent volunteers will help apply make up but each child needs to bring in their own due to allergies etc.

Each student needs to bring in a hair brush and hair spray if needed. Girls should wear their hair in a low ponytail for both shows. Boys should have their hair neatly brushed with a little hairspray.

All members also need to wear black shoes for the shows.

Honk T-Shirts

Honk shirts should be here by Thursday. The cast will be wearing their shirts to the Friday show for the Wampus students. They should also wear jeans or black pants and sneakers that day.

If your child did not order a Honk T-Shirt, they should wear a black shirt instead for the in-school performance.

Production Week Schedule

The production week schedule, including call times and pick up locations has been updated in the "Production Week Schedule" tab.

T-Shirts & Cast/Crew Party Form

The T-Shirt and Cast/Crew Party form can be found in the "T-Shirt & Cast/Crew Party Form" tab. Please have this returned to the yellow Honk folder in the Wampus Lobby by Thursday, November 25th.

Ticket Orders

We will begin accepting Ticket Order forms from the cast and crew starting on Monday, October 15th. You can find the ticket form here on the Google site, in the "Ticket Orders" tab.

Parent Meeting Recap

  • The rehearsal schedule is set by the days you indicated on the Scheduling Form. If you checked off Monday and Tuesday, then your children are scheduled for Monday and Tuesday. If for any reason, you need to change the rehearsal days, let Ms. Celestino or Mr. Lounsbury know.
  • Mrs. Scorrano requested some help with the costume committee. If interested, please send her an email. We have several volunteers from the original Parent Volunteer Form, but are always looking for more help.
  • Production Week begins on Friday, October 27th. Rehearsals will be at HCC and run until 5:30. We will walk over to HCC together. Rehearsals will be on Friday, October 27th, Monday, October 29th, Tuesday, October 30th, and Thursday, November 1st. There is no rehearsal on Halloween.
  • Costumes have not been assigned yet, but we are hoping to have everyone in costume by Monday, October 29th and do a full run of the show. Please be sure you have black flat shoes (not sneakers) for your child to wear with their costume.
  • The ticket order form and T-shirt order form will be coming to you very soon.

Parent Meeting

We will be having a Parent Meeting at 4:30pm in the Music Wing on Thursday, September 27th. The meeting will end in time for pickup at 5pm. We hope to see you there!

First Rehearsal

The first rehearsal will take place on Thursday, September 6th, from 3:10 - 5pm.

This is a full cast rehearsal!

Please be sure you have filled out the Honk Scheduling Form, so we know when to expect your children for rehearsal!

Cast Meeting

The first cast meeting will take place on Monday, June 18th from 3-4pm in the chorus room.

Interested crew members do not need to attend this meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you then!

Honk Jr Audition Form