Recommender system for the tour management and prospecting concerts on the European jazz scene.

Music Office analyses together historical and real-time data to support artists, agents, and anyone involved in concert prospecting to improve tour management and reporting.

Optimize your prospecting plan

Our goal is to monitor, analyze and structure the relevant data to support your activities in the live industry.

Instead of manually searching for new concerts, let MO monitors what's happen on the European jazz scene and let you know about gig opportunities. MO creates and matches artist and promoter profiles to recommend what are the suitable venue to prospect for your band or for the artists represented by your booking agency.

Finally by the analysis of different data MO provides a relevant overview of the main markets of an artist in relation with his artistic project and his level of development.

European jazz programming trends

MO is focused on the European jazz markets and recommends relevant prospects of festivals, venues, clubs, production companies, non-profit organizations and municipalities involved in the creation of jazz events in the Schengen area. It provides interesting metrics about the musics promoted on the different European music stages.

Data Sources

These days, streaming and social networks dominate, whatever you are an artist self-produced or a music professional, everyone uses these technologies for fan interactions and promote activities and productions.

MO ingests data provided by different sources like digital music aggregators and social networks but also you proper sources of data. The only goal: concatenate all these sources to give you the relevant information to prospect concerts and interest the promoters of concerts to your music or to estimate where it is interesting to produce your proper concert.

More reasons to use Music Office

  • MO is collaborative, each artist joining MO shares his tour experience with other users.
  • MO provides a factual analysis of the artist business development and geographical scope.
  • MO let you improve your communications with your artists or band mates.
  • MO provides data to write more detailed and relevant proposals to the programmers of venues or festivals targeted.