Dear Sir/Madam

Despite our best efforts to avoid the current situation, I regret to inform you that By Freddy has been forced to suspend trading. It is not clear at this point how long this situation will continue

This is due to a sustained smear campaign against the company and myself whereby several people have acted alone and in concert to publish libellous comments on social media and by other means. Unfortunately, as a result of this, we are finding that a large number of our clients are now cancelling contracts shortly after taking them out, making budgeting and cash flow impossible.

The comments to which I refer above accuse By Freddy and me of undertaking scams and obtaining money by deception. I would like to take this opportunity categorically to deny all such allegations and confirm that neither I nor By Freddy have ever undertaken any activity in bad faith and have never committed any offense of dishonesty. My intention, and that of By Freddy and its employees, has always been to honour our commitments to our clients. To that end, for example, I have personally not drawn any salary from By Freddy since September 2021 However, the lockdowns caused by the Coronavirus outbreak followed by the recent defamatory activity have made this impossible, at least on a temporary basis.

Having sought legal advice, I will shortly be commencing actions in defamation against all those who have made such statements and been involved in their publication. I and my staff have also received threats of physical violence against ourselves and our families and have been blackmailed. These matters are currently under investigation by the police.

In the meantime, clients of By Freddy are invited to contact me at to let me know what way forward they may wish to select. We hope to start trading again once the defamatory posts have been removed, when we hope to be able to offer either a refund or completion of the work according to each individual client’s preference. However, at the moment I am unable top confirm that this will be possible.

I would like to thank the staff of By Freddy for their loyalty and support through the last few weeks in very difficult circumstances. It will always be a matter of deepest regret to me that a cowardly smear campaign, for which there is no basis in fact, has led to such a fine group of people losing their livelihood.

Neither I nor By Freddy are agents or employees of any bathroom establishment and are not in a position to speak for them or make any agreements on their behalf.


Trading Name BY FREDDY