Baldwin-Woodville School's

Chromebook 1:1 Program

Students: When you login to your chromebook at home, you will be prompted to login to the CIPA filter to get to the internet. Everyone should now use the same password as logging into the chromebooks to get on the internet. DO NOT type your whole email as your logon, just the username part. 1st initial + Last initial (all caps) + lunch# + lunch # (Example Login: 21smithjoh Password Example: JS12341234.)

View this presentation before signing the Chromebook Use Agreement

Chromebook Orientation Presentation 2017
BWSD 1:1 Chromebook Use Handbook
Introduction to Chromebooks


Q. What is a Chromebook?

A. “Chromebooks are mobile devices designed specifically for people who live on the web. With a comfortable, full-sized keyboard, large display and clickable trackpad, all-day battery life, light weight, and built-in ability to connect to Wi-Fi and mobile broadband networks, the Chromebook is ideal for anytime, anywhere access to the web. They provide a faster, safer, more secure online experience for people who live on the web, without all the time-consuming, often confusing, high level of maintenance required by typical computers.” (Google)

Q. What kind of software does a Chromebook run?

A. Chromebooks run millions of web-based applications, or web apps, that open right in the browser. You can access web apps by typing their URL into the address bar or by installing them instantly from the Chrome Web Store.

Q. How are these web-based applications managed?

A. Each Chromebook we provide to students will be a managed device. Members of Baldwin-Woodville’s Information & Instructional Technology Dept. will maintain devices through our Google Apps for Education account. As such, the school can pre-install web-applications as well as block specific web- applications from a centralized management console.

Q. What devices can I connect to a Chromebook?

A. Chromebooks can connect to:

■ USB storage, mice and keyboards (see supported file systems)

■ SIM cards

■ SD cards

■ External monitors and projectors

■ Headsets, earsets, microphones

Q. Can the Chromebook be used anywhere at anytime?

A. Yes, as long as you have a WiFi signal to access the web. Some applications such as Google Docs can even be used offline.

Q. Will our Chromebook have 3G?

A. No. The district Chromebooks will not have 3G broadband.

Q. Do Chromebooks come with Internet Filtering Software?

A. Yes. Chromebooks managed by the district come with the same CIPA internet filtering software as we have at school. However, parents should still be vigilant and monitor what their child is doing online at home. While in district Chromebooks will use the School’s WiFi to access the internet which is filtered.

Q. Is there antivirus built into it?

A. It is not necessary to have antivirus software on Chromebooks because there are no running programs for viruses to infect.

Q. Battery Life

A. Chromebooks have a rated battery life of 8.5 hours. However, we do expect that students charge them each evening to ensure maximum performance during the school day.