Contests & Enrichment

BVSD Sponsored Competitions and Contests

Enrichment programs in BVSD are rewarding and positive learning experiences for the students, teachers and parents involved. Our programs are designed to emphasize the learning process as students prepare for regional events. We are committed to keeping students engaged whether or not they progress to a state or national level. When students do qualify for participation beyond the regional contest, the BVSD will support them with clear communication, targeted support and encouragement from staff.

Regional Science Fair

February 13, 2019

Regional Spelling Bee

February 23, 2019

NoCo Canyon

Regional Tournament

March 2, 2019

Boulder Regional History Day

March 16, 2019

Math Olympiads Annual Tournament

May 1, 2019

Battle of the Books

May 4, 2019

Student Publishing Opportunities

Want To Publish?

This is a list of websites that accept children's works for publication. As always, please check out websites BEFORE using them with children!

Aaron Shepard's Kid Writer's Page

Kids Space


Word Smitten

Teen Ink - A national magazine, book series, and website devoted entirely to teenage writing and art, derived exclusively from submissions by teens nationwide.

TWAP Journal - A collection of the work the teens in the Teen Writers and Artists Project, an Illinois-based non-profit for writers and artists aged 14 to 18.

Stone Soup - Made up entirely of the creative work of children ages 8 to 13, including stories, poems, book reviews, and artwork. It is published six times a year.

Issuu - Self Publishing

Lulu - Self Publishing

15 Ways to Publish Student Writing by Dr. Jill Olthouse


BVSD District Enrichment Flyer

NPR Student Podcast Challenge

The Young Voices Foundation Rewrite Contest - for grades 6-8, Categories: Fiction, Revision

Teen Ink Contests - Categories: Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Other

Young Writers Program - A November event

NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month

Write Like Crazy - Blog. Find other writers like you, answers to writing and publishing questions, and great sites to check out.

Creative Writing Prompts - 300 short prompts to spark writing ideas