Talented & Gifted

BVSD Vision

We develop our children’s greatest abilities and make possible the discovery and pursuit of their dreams which, when fulfilled, will benefit us all. We provide a comprehensive and innovative approach to education and graduate successful, curious, lifelong learners who confidently confront the great challenges of their time.

Who is a gifted student?

Talented and Gifted (TAG) students are defined as those persons between the ages of 4 and 21 whose demonstrated or potential abilities are so outstanding that it becomes essential to provide them with qualitatively different educational programming.

What are our goals?

Identifying all gifted learners in BVSD, especially previously underrepresented groups of students.

Supporting gifted learners throughout the district with a combination of social and emotional support, as well as providing differentiated instruction on a daily basis within the classroom setting.

How do we achieve this?

Students are identified through the CDE identification process. Also, beginning in 2017, all 2nd grade students across the district will be given a gifted and talented screening assessment. The hope of the BVSD TAG department is that the screening will help identify some of our previously underrepresented groups of students.

Gifted students are supported in the classroom by individualized Advanced Learning Plans (ALPs) which are developed according to the student’s area(s) of giftedness, interests, and instructional and affective needs.

Teachers and TAG advisors work in conjunction to develop the ALPs as well as unique learning opportunities for gifted students.


Subscribe to the BVSD TAG listserv (open to anyone who wants to receive enrichment activity and parent presentation information) ​You may also subscribe to the Monthly Articles of Interest listserv​ which is sent each month during the school year and contains links to articles and resources concerning gifted education either directly or indirectly.

Dr. Michelle DuBois, Instructional Specialist for Gifted Education: michelle.dubois@bvsd.org, 720-561-5067

Maia Jourgensen, Director of Student Success: maia.jourgensen@bvsd.org, 720-561-5087

Marlys Lietz, Administative Assistant of Advanced Academic Services: marlys.lietz@bvsd.org, 720-561-5149