Monarch Engineering

Welcome to Monarch Engineering, where students can explore STEM-related career pathways. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!

What makes Monarch Engineering unique?

  • Small Program+Lots of Technology= More time that students can use the equipment
  • All year-long courses in engineering are weighted on a 5-point scale. (GPA booster!)
  • Students have earned over 100 industry level proficiency tests in the last 3 years alone
  • State-of-the-art Maker Space: CNC Router, two-laser cutters, six-3D Printers, wood shop, welding booth, and spray booth
  • Award winning Monarch Robotics competes year-round in local and national robotics competitions (FIRST, BEST, SparkFun)

J25 Design Technology (Tech Credit-Semester) Offered (9th-12th)

The best way to describe Design Tech is a “smorgasbord” of current technologies. Over the course of a semester students complete a variety of projects using both two dimensional graphics software (Adobe Illustrator) and three dimensional engineering/modeling applications (SolidWorks). Once students are proficient on the software, (6-8 weeks) they complete a series of stations where they will produce tangible products using various classroom equipment. (CNC Router, CNC Lasercutting/Engraving, 3D Printing and traditional woodworking)

PA 1 Introduction to Engineering Design (WEIGHTED 5.0) Offered 9th -12th)

This is an introductory course which develops student problems solving, project planning, and independent study skills. Student work completed in both individual and team settings. Most of the time is spent at the computer developing a 3D model of an object using state of the art computer hardware and software, SolidWorks. The course emphasizes the engineering design process. Students will create design prototypes in the engineering laboratory using the 3D printer and the laser cutter. Students will be learning basic circuitry and programming with Arduino Microprocessors. Students will also explore career opportunities in various other engineering fields.

PA3 Design and Manufacturing (WEIGHTED 5.0) Offered 10th, 11th, & 12th Grades Prerequisites: PA1 or J25

This course builds upon the 3D computer design skills students developed in Introduction to Engineering Design. Students will use VEX robotics equipment to design and build automated robots such as search and rescue bots or automated kids toys. Students will learn G&M code to run the milling machine to create jewelry/playing card boxes. They will also learn how to program a large robotic arm, build their very own VEX robotic arm, and design and build a whole class manufacturing line with VEX equipment. Four new software applications are learned in this course. This course is part of the Centaurus Engineering program.

PA5 Civil and Architectural Engineering (WEIGHTED 5.0) Offered 10th, 11th, & 12th Grades Prerequisites: PA1 or J25

Students will learn the relationship between structure and design by designing a habitat for humanity home and remodeling a large commercial building using Autodesk Revit/ArchiCAD software. Students will analyze all aspects of a building site and explore engineering challenges unique to Colorado. They will also study environmental engineering concepts such as basic fluid dynamics, water and wastewater treatment, storm water management, and water resources.

PA6 Engineering Design and Development (WEIGHTED 5.0) Offered 10th, 11th, & 12th Prerequisites: PA1 or J25

In this capstone course, students will work mostly in teams to design and construct the solution to an engineering problem, applying the principles developed in preceding engineering courses. The problems will involve a wide range of engineering applications. Each student will be responsible for delivering progress reports and making various presentations of their project for an outside review panel of practicing engineers and scientists.