Improve your French

How can I improve my French?

The best way to develop your proficiency in French is to read and listen to as much French as possible!

Here are some resources for listening and reading:

  • This menu has lots of fun options to practice your French at home!

  • Free choice reading: Here’s a large selection of French children’s e-books with audio. Try to read for 5-10 minutes per day

  • Alice Ayel on Youtube- Alice is a native French speaker and she tells stories in a slow, comprehensible way, illustrating on a whiteboard as she goes along.

  • FrenchRev- a video podcast created by two native-speaking French teachers. Novice through Intermediate.

  • Duolingo stories - Read and listen to simple stories in French and answer questions as you go along. You can mouse over any word to see its translation. Each story you complete unlocks a new one and earns you XP. A free Duolingo account is required.

  • Watch French kids cartoons like Trotro, Caillou, or Petit Ours Brun

  • Watch your favorite show on Netflix with audio in French and captions in English (Try Miraculous Ladybug)

  • Lyricstraining - Listen to popular French music, watch videos and fill in the lyrics

  • French music video playlists

  • Duolingo French Podcast (more challenging) - fascinating true life stories of French speaking people. The storyteller uses intermediate French and the host provides context in English. A transcript is provided on the website. No account required.

"But I still want Vocabulary Lists and Grammar!" I've got you covered.