About Madame Bleiler

I have always had a passion for French language and dreamed of traveling to France from a young age. I grew up in Washington, DC and moved to Florida in 7th grade. I went to the University of Miami as an undergrad, then came to Boulder in 2009 to complete my Master's Degree in French at CU.

In college, I spent a semester abroad studying in Paris. After college, I spent a year teaching English to French middle school students in the suburbs of Paris. I love to travel and have also visited many parts of France, Spain and Italy. In 2019, I traveled with students on a trip to Paris, Provence, and the French Riviera.

I live in Boulder with my husband Brian and my sweet rescue dog Frankie. In my spare time I love hiking, yoga, playing piano, and salsa dancing. I also teach Zumba classes online!