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Photo by Jivan West

2018-2019 yearbooks are still available!

You can continue to purchase books through this site.

If you already purchased a book, but haven't picked it up, you can still pick it up.

  • Books that are namestamped are available for pickup from Kris Ferfache in the main office.
  • Books that aren't namestamped are available for pickup from Ms. Broaddus in room 339 at specific times during finals week: 1st hour finals block on Monday and 4th and 5th hour finals blocks on Thursday.

Wondering if you've bought a book?

  1. Go to
  2. In the top right corner, click "Find an order"
  3. Enter your email address

Wondering if we have your senior portrait?

Check out this spreadsheet. Please note that our publisher updates it, and makes a note of the date last updated.

Need to order a 2019-2020 book?

Click here.