Basic Welding

Do you enjoy working with your hands? Basic Welding is a hands-on class that will teach you four different welding methods which include Oxy-Acetylene Gas Welding, Flux Core Arc Welding, MIG Welding and Stick Arc Welding. Students will also learn the fundamentals of designing projects on the computer through Engineering CAD 1. As is true out in the industry, safety is stressed at all time and topics include welding shop safety, hand tool safety and machine safety. In addition to practicing different welding methods, both personal and class projects are part of the course and have included; a Jeep bumper,outdoor fire pit and a skateboard rail. Class projects have included an incinerator for fireworks for the Boulder County Sheriff's Department and repairing a livestock trailer for a local 4-H club. The classroom environment is built around mutual respect for each other and the teamwork that is expected in industry. In addition to all of this, welding students have the opportunity to earn five English credits in Public Speaking (senior communications credits) which are embedded into the and five Engineering CAD 1 credits, both of which are embedded into the class. College credit for welding safety is available through Front Range Community College.

Intermediate Welding

Would you like to learn even more about welding? If so, Intermediate welding is for you! This class continues to build on skills learned in the Basic Welding class (which is a prerequisite). Welding skills learned in the basic class are reviewed with the addition of learning multi-position welding for those methods. Fabrication basics are also taught which include; blueprint reading, learning and using layout tools and building projects following a set of plans. Additional topics may include TIG welding and pipe welding. Completion of Basic and Intermediate welding will prepare students for entry level welding positions, or for continuing education at one of many postsecondary schools along the front range.