Nail Technology

How many times have you polished your nails or had them done and been

interested in the whole process ?

Thought to yourself how do they do that?

Have you ever thought that you could do nails all day and get paid !

Imagine having the professional training and practice to make that possible all while getting your high school credits.

Being a part of the Nail Technician industry is a wonderful industry to be a part of! There are so many different layers to this growing industry. It’s a social, artistic, exciting world with many career paths .

Just to name a few, private salons, freelance, spas, resorts, own your own nail salon, or layer it on with other Cosmetology classes.

In the Nail Technician program you will take all the necessary classes to obtain the most professional and up to date skills

to become a licensed nail technician.

This includes:

  • Step by step demos and workshops for manicures and pedicures
  • Up to date equipment and supplies
  • Spa pedi chairs,manicure tables with state of the art ventilation systems
  • Acrylic nail application with tips and free forms
  • Gel nail applications with UV lights
  • Creative nail art classes and workshops
  • Fun interactive theory discussions beyond the books
  • Plenty of practice time in a real salon environment on campus
  • Field trips, runway shows, and photo shoots
  • Business classes on how to be successful
  • Educators with 20+ years of experience
  • State board prep
  • The opportunity to clock 600 hours and take a Colorado state board exam to receive a professional license as a nail technician