Program Information

Program Information:

2 Semesters

Student Fees:

Students are expected to pay an annual program fee and may be required to purchase equipment and clothing for personal use. Instructors work with business and industry partners to offer the best possible price on materials and equipment. Each program's fees will be available at orientation in May. Boulder TEC works closely with students who demonstrate financial need.

Program Topics:

  • CPR/Safety/10 Hour OSHA Certification
  • Construction Math: Tape Measure Reading, Types of Measurements, Fractions, Formulas for Construction Trades, Arc’s, Tangents, Field Plotting, Excavation, Framing, Electrical, etc.
  • Surveying
  • Blue Print Reading for Vertical and Horizontal Construction
  • Plumbing Basics: Copper vs Pex, ABS vs PVC, Supply vs Drain, Cast vs Plastic
  • Electrical Basics: Conduit Installation, Wire installation, Conduit vs. Romex, Termination of Circuits
  • Carpentry Basics: Framing, Foundations, Finish, Stairs, Steel vs. Wood, Mechanical Fasteners
  • Drywall, Painting, Glazer Basics
  • Rigging
  • Hand and Power Tools: Identification, Types of Hand Tools, Types of Power Tools, Repair and Maintenance, Use of, Preventative Maintenance for Tools, Equipment, etc.
  • Scaffolding

Additional Saturday events are required

Front Range Community College credit is available

BVSD High School Credit Earned:

1st Semester:

10 credits: Construction Trades 1

5 credits: Engineering CAD 1

2nd Semester:

10 credits: Construction Trades 1

5 credits: Technical Math