How to receive our services

Referrals for a Full Assistive Technology Evaluation:

This process includes scheduling an in person evaluation with members of the AT Team. Following the evaluation, a report will be generated, distributed to the team, and uploaded into the student’s file. If AT is determined to be a need for the student, the student will be added to our caseload and followed through the grade levels by the AT Team. Please select and complete the appropriate online referral form (descriptions and links are below) and obtain parent consent and input by sending them the Full Evaluation Parent Form. After all the paperwork is received​ and reviewed​, we will contact the student's case manager ​to​ schedule an evaluation.

AT Referral Form - Full Literacy Evaluation -- This referral is to request a complete writing/literacy Assistive Technology Evaluation for students who might require unique accommodations and/or access to grade level curriculum.

AT Referral Form - Physical Access Evaluation -- This form is to request an Assistive Technology Evaluation for students who have physical challenges which impact their ability to interact with the school environment. This referral should be used when the school based OT or PT is unable to accommodate a student’s needs. Examples of this would include a student who requires switches for environmental control, adapted toys for peer interaction, and/or alternative access methods for engaging with technology and their environment.

AT Referral Form - Communication Evaluation -- This referral is to request an Assistive Technology Evaluation for students with complex communication needs and/or concerns with functional communication.

Assistive Technology referral - Parent Form

Assitive Technology Referral - Parent Form - Spanish

Fast Track Referral process:

This referral is to request access to the premium (paid) features of Read&Write for Google. These features include word prediction, voice notes, the ability to annotate PDFs, dictionaries, screenshot reader, study tools, and more. Completed Fast Track referrals will be reviewed by the AT team and if determined to be appropriate, the student will be given access.

This process does not include an in-person evaluation with the AT Team. If you feel the student's needs exceed this process and want to request a full Assistive Technology evaluation, please complete a full Literacy Evaluation Form. *** REMINDER: no referral is needed for access to Voice Typing and Text Reader - these tools are in the free extension on all BVSD accounts.

BVSD Assistive Technology Referral - Fast Track

Parent Form for Fast Track Referrals

Parent Form form for Fast Track Referrals - Spanish