Hi! I'm Mr. Corrigan

I have recently been hired on to help Parry McCluer students with their work in their Virtual Virginia classes, most of which are Spanish classes.

I am NOT the teacher. I am here to help the students, but I am not here to instruct them or give them homework. However, you can direct any questions about your Virtual Virginia class to me if you want to, and I can get in contact with your Virtual Virginia teacher.

Content for your course is available through Virtual Virginia.

Contact Form

The best way for me to keep track of everyone's communication in general will be for you to fill out this contact form:

Mr. Corrigan contact form

I will check that frequently during my work hours and will usually get timely answers back within 36 hours during the work week.

More Contact Information

If you want to, you have the option of contacting me through email, but since the volume of emails that I get is always increasing, the surest way to get a hold of me during the work week is through the above contact form.

All the same, here's my email address for especially urgent requests:


Google Classroom

Since I am not your teacher, you will not find your homework here. Again, you find that on Virtual Virginia. Instead, my Google Classroom has my contact form, the attendance form that students will be expected to fill out every school day they are not face-to-face, and the parent information form.

Here is the code for the Google Classroom:


You can enter that at classroom.google.com to get in.

You can also access the Google Classroom by clicking on the picture to the right. That will enroll in the Google Classroom, but don't be shy, I can always unenroll you later.