Butterfield-Odin Instrumental Music

Welcome to the Butterfield-Odin Instrumental Music website!

All upcoming events will be displayed on this calendar and will be regularly updated throughout the school year.

Our Website

Since we are all juggling incredibly busy schedules, I want to honor your time and will work hard to keep as much information as possible on this website so you can access it as you need. Please check here first with any questions you may have. This website is also a tool where you can find helpful musical links.

Student Advocacy

I believe that asking for help on a difficult piece, asking a grading question, notifying me of a pre-arranged absence from class, scheduling a make-up assessment, scheduling a time outside of class to take an assessment and even negotiating a concert conflict are all well within the abilities of these students. Band is for more than just teaching music. This class is a way for students to learn and practice life skills, such as Self Advocacy. So, not only do I believe the students are capable of advocating for themselves, I strongly encourage it! I encourage families to do the same - have your student contact me first so they can learn and grow in their self-advocacy skills.

Grade Questions

There are detailed explanations of grades and grade categories in each class page. If you do have a grade question, please talk to your student to see if they know why the earned the grade they did. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to get in touch with me!