Home Page of Mr. DeCarlow


Thank you for visiting the online home of Mr. DeCarlow's classes. Above the header is information specific to each class that Mr. DeCarlow teaches. Below are links to eight websites that will be useful to students of Mr. DeCarlow (and parents too). Please use this website to help support what is going on in the classroom.

Links to Other Websites

Grades, Attendance, & Behavior

Use the link to check your grades and attendance on the Tyler SIS System by clicking the logo to the left. Be sure to click the "Student" tab at the top of the login page.

Your username and password are the same as your Google username and password. Remember grades are typically updated on Fridays.

If you need any explanation of grading, please see the information found here: Grading Overview.

Daily Openers

Use this link to see the objectives and questions for the past week. This is the best place to see what work you missed if you were absent on any given day.

If you need any openers prior to the ones in this document, please complete the form found here: Missing Work Request.


IXL is used for reviewing content for all four core subjects. It is a good place to get extra practice on skills being worked on. Successful completion of skills suggested by Mr. DeCarlow (a score of 80 or higher) can earn students Awesome Passes.

The login information is the same as the students' Google login.


Kahoot! is used as a learning tool to allow for students to review any number of topics. The login information will be provided to students when it is being used for review in class.


Edulastic is used for taking most of the quizzes and tests for science and social science. The assessments will only be open during the day and time they are given or re-given.

Once the student has accessed the login page, click "Sign In with Google". If the student is logged on to the Chromebook, it will take them automatically to the home page. If the student is accessing it from a different computer, they will have to type in their Chromebook login information.


Quizlet is used for reviewing vocabulary words in language arts. There are several ways of reviewing and games that can be played individually. Successful completion of the Match and Gravity Game can earn students Awesome Passes.

The first time you access it, go to the page for Mr. DeCarlow's classroom account, which is found here: https://quizlet.com/join/kV3RJmAhM.

The Quizlet Live game access is found here: quizlet.live.


CNN10 is used for watching current events in class on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Additionally, there is an archive of every broadcast for the school year.

This website does not require a username or password and can be accessed at home.


EdPuzzle is used for watching videos in class with questions. There are other videos that can help students to review many other subjects.

The first time you access it, go to the page for Mr. DeCarlow's classroom account, which is found here: https://edpuzzle.com/join/lebmaju.