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These documents or links are intended to decrease your time at the school, but there may be additional requirements for documentation such as immunization, proof of residence, etc. It is advised that you call the school prior to arriving to arrange an appointment to speak to a counselor and be made aware of all of the documents you will need to bring. This will greatly decrease the amount of time spent at school and the number of trips required to complete enrollment. School Links can be found at the bottom of this web-page.

Would you like to join Infinite Campus to keep up to date on grades and classroom placement?

Infinite Campus User Account Instructions:

Go to the app store, search Infinite Campus, download the parent version. Once downloaded, open app, it will prompt you to search: enter Butler County and then choose Kentucky. This will find Butler County, click on it and you have the app setup. To get a login you can click on BC Helpdesk either here or down below. Next, click down direction arrow next to name and choose Infinite Campus User Help. I need three pieces of info. Your email address, parent name, and student name. If you need more help just email me:

To Visit a Specific School Click on the Name Below

To get information about being added to District OneCall Now automated system (for school closings and general information) you must visit or contact individual schools.