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Building a Better BCHS

Being accountable for our actions and education

Creating a safe and spirited community

Helping students become college/career ready

Striving for excellence today and tomorrow

Stoye Young


Butler County High School

Mission: Building a Better BCHS

Currently reading: The Distance Learning Playbook

"Do not just focus on test scores - Focus on student engagement. When we get that right, the test scores will take care of themselves."

Principal's Message

As we start a new year, our mission to build a better BCHS for our students and our community will remain the centerpiece of our school. We will continue this mission in 2021 as we continuously work to increase the college and career readiness of our students. This goal will improve the future of our students and our community moving through 2021 and beyond.

While we strive to make these improvements to better the future of our students, let me assure you our focus will continue to be on school safety and the health of our students and teachers. Our staff has worked very hard to put our students' health and education as a top priority. We are very proud of the way we ended 2020 given the situation that was presented to us. Our students remained safe, we raised the bar on our quality of instruction, and provided our students with several opportunities to make high school memories they will always remember. Thank you to everyone who played a part in helping our students in this past year. I know 2020 was hard for many people, but it is with tremendous hope and focus for a brighter future that we begin this new year! Let's make 2021 the best year yet! Go BEARS!

Mission: Building a Better BCHS