The idea for Buster's Smoked Pecans came one day last fall when a dear friend said she had too many pecans from the tree in her backyard. There were so many that her dog Buster (who's also a dear friend) had been cracking open the shells and eating them. I asked for some so I could try smoking them, then I started smoking them with different flavors. I took the results into work, and they were so popular that I decided to start Buster's Smoked Pecans, to share them with the world (starting with Austin)!

Buster's world-famous grin!

I've been in the food industry for over 25 years, and I've spent a lot of that time looking for my niche. I love smoking anything and during my time in Texas, I've become obsessed with smoking pecans. I just want to share the pecan love!

It takes a village to smoke a pecan, and I'd like to thank Jen (and Buster), Andrew, Rachel, Wally, John from Farm to Table, Melanie, Courtney, Karen and the rest of the folks at my day job for their tremendous input and support. And thank you for enjoying Buster's Smoked Pecans! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch. Email me at