Cleaner Air

Lower Emissions

Green Energy Storage

Price Parity with Diesel


Since November 1, 2023, Williamsfield Schools has been running LionC electric buses on all daily routes! As of March 4, 2024, they have logged 22,266 miles and consumed 33,220kWh of electricity to do so. That equates to average usage of 1.49kWh/mile during the cold winter months of November, December, January, and February. Using the district's real diesel fuel costs, if those routes were run with diesel buses, the district would've spent $16,831 on fuel to run those routes. Utilizing the Bus2Grid approach of including onsite solar in the equation, Williamsfield Schools spent an estimated $913 on the electricity needed to run those routes. That's an amazing 94% reduction in bus fuel costs! And that's only the beginning. Williamsfield Schools is poised to save even more money when they fully activate the Vehicle-to-Grid technology in their chargers and buses. We can't wait to see their project evolve!