These are 20 FREE lessons taken from the decade of running one of the most intense training programs in the world. These lessons are very brief, concise and to the point. The founder of the Urban Warfare Center shares his unique insights in this dynamic facility and the tools and methods that made it a success. Enjoy!

Lesson 1


Lesson 2

No good plan survives first contact with the enemy.

Lesson 3

Urban Warfare Center Beginnings.

Lesson 4

Why the Urban Warfare Center?

Lesson 5

Inspirations and Motivations.

Lesson 6

Force-on-force is the KEY to successful urban combat preparation.

Lesson 7

Combat Stress is a Liability or an Asset.

Lesson 8

Opposing Force is the KEY to successful training.

Lesson 9

Simple communication is KEY to success.

Lesson 10

Leadership under stress is when we see true character.

Lesson 11

Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.

Lesson 12

Leave no one behind.

Lesson 13

Never pay for terrain twice.

Lesson 14

Surprise, Speed and Violence of Action.

Lesson 15

Fatal funnels or "vertical coffins".

Lesson 16

Building strong points.

Lesson 17

Boxing and killing the enemy.

Lesson 18

Deliberate action based on sound principles is KEY.

Lesson 19

Fighting through the chaos and never giving up.

Lesson 20 

Reflections and recap on KEY principles.