BRC Runners Ambassador Program

The goal of the BRC Ambassador is to allow BRC runners to bring well organized group runs to any given community, therefore, providing our members with the flexibility to participate in club organized group runs within their own community. This program would also allow members from the running community at large to come together under one single club structure.

A BRC Runners Ambassador will be someone with at least one year membership experience who is a friendly, respectful, and dedicated individual. An Ambassador is expected to consistently show up at their designated club run locations.

In order to recognize the important role the BRC Ambassador will have within the club structure, each will be presented with a unique BRC Runner Ambassador t-shirt or jacket plus free club membership.

  • While promoting club values such as inclusiveness and respect, the Ambassador will welcome new members at run locations. The Ambassador will ensure that new members feel welcome by introducing them to the other club members while trying to match them up with other runners of similar running skills.

  • The Club will designate the run locations, the Ambassador will organize the group runs on behalf of the club at the designated locations and will remind the runners of road running safety rules.

  • The Ambassador will communicate effectively to the membership in person, via social media, etc., about group run changes (Cancellation, time changes, route, distance, etc.)

  • In the event that the Ambassador foresees that they will not be able to be at their designated run location, they will communicate this fact to membership and will provide possible options /alternatives regarding the run.

  • The Ambassador will act as a source to collect membership feedback about club activities and concerns. Feedback will be relayed/forwarded to the board for review and analysis.