Advertising, Art & Computer Graphics

Advertising Art & Computer Graphics prepares students with the knowledge and skills necessary to enter creative college majors and the creative industry in entry-level areas. Lessons & projects are designed to develop a portfolio that demonstrates employable skills. "Ad/Art" stresses job deadlines, working with others and accepting criticism of work. Students work in Adobe Creative Cloud applications: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and more. Students are provided the ability to attain ACA certifications in Adobe software and the NOCTI certification as well.

Advertising, Art & Computer Graphics Curriculum

College Board: Commercial & Advertising Art

College Raptor: College Advertising Majors

Creative Careers:

Graphic Design


Web Design

Production Artist

Desktop Publishing



Game Design


Art Education

Career Certification possibilities:

    1. NOCTI: Advertising & Design (legacy)

    2. Adobe Certified Professional:

      • InDesign: Layout

      • Illustrator: Vector Illustration, Logos, & Charts

      • PhotoShop: Image Manipulation, Photo retouching

      • Animate: Animation

      • Premiere Pro: Video Editing

      • Dreamweaver: Website Design


Mr. Haney x.8154

Google Certified Educator, Level 1

Drexel University

Bachelor of Science

Design & Merchandising

William Paterson University

M.Ed., 2011

Adobe ACA Digital Badges

Leveraging your Adobe Creative Associate Certifications

ACA Championships! Get your ACA Certifications & compete for prizes!

  • Adobe products:

    • ACATestPrep: Adobe Online Training Videos, Projects, Quizzes & Prep for ACA

    • Brain Buffet: Online Adobe Tutorials by Rob

    • Video training for everything creative and more

ACA Specialist Certifications

Three certifications are required for Specialist certifications below:

Adobe Certified Associate Visual Design Specialist

Adobe Certified Associate Video Design Specialist

Adobe Certified Associate Web Design Specialist

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