Ms. Thompson's Class

Welcome to Ms. Thompson's 7th grade Social Studies class!

Here you can find updates, announcements, assignments, and anything else relating to 7th grade Social Studies!

If you can not find a resource for Ms. Thompson's class on this website, it is most likely on Google Classroom. The class text is attached on Google Classroom for students to use. Students must use their Burke County Schools gmail account to sign-in.

Click on the Google Classroom icon to visit the Google Classroom website.

Parents and Students: Please make sure you have signed up for ClassDojo using the codes provided by the 7th grade. This is an excellent way for parents to keep up with how their child is doing in class behaviorally. I also use this a tool to inform parents about upcoming tests, quizzes, and other school-related information.

Click on the ClassDojo icon to visit the ClassDojo website.