Barrett, Bush, Clark and Yarbrough Team

October News

As we approach the end of the grading period, please remind your students to complete and turn in all assignments on time. Also, make sure that you check their grades weekly on PowerSchool.

Important Upcoming Dates:

October 14- All money for D.C. must be paid.

October 18- Field Trip to South Mountain State Park

October 28- Halloween Dance

October 31- End of 1st Nine Weeks

October 28- 8th grade Speech Contest


In ELA, we are continuing Word Within the Word. This week, we began building background, in order to begin our new novel. Ask your child which novel they are reading and to give you some background information regarding their novel. Your child should be studying nightly for their WwW quizzes, and read nightly.


Math 1 students will be completing the unit on Expressions and Equations and will be moving in to the unit on Functions and Relations. They can and they will solve equations and inequalities and apply them to real world problems. They can and they will construct linear functions, including arithmetic sequences, given a graph, a description of a relationship, or two input-output pairs (include reading these from a table).

8th Grade math students will be continuing the unit on Expressions and Equations. They can and they will apply properties of integer exponents to evaluate expressions. They can and they will use scientific notation to estimate very large and/or very small quantities and to solve real world problems.

DC Reminder

  • No more than 5 unexcused absences (as of 8-28-16)
  • NO missing work- (as of 11-18-16)
  • No failing grades
  • No OSS
  • No more than 2 referrals (ISS)
  • <10 tardies