Charms is our communication system, calendar, playing test software, inventory system, and financial software. It is import that every family understand how to log in and that your information is up-to-date.

Go to and click on Login in the top righthand corner.

Or use our direct link.

Click on Parents/Students/Members.

Type: MSLiberty for the school code and then click "Enter Parent Area."

For the student area password, please type your child's first name and last initial. The first letter of the first name must be capitalized, and the initial must be capitalized. Example: for Alex Powell, the code would be AlexP

Click "Enter"

Charms will prompt you to change your password to something more secure that you can remember. The first box should be the same as the code you entered for the previous step. Click "Change Password."

Once inside, you are almost done! Please click "Update Info"

Fill out your student's info, and then CLICK ON "ADD NEW ADULT." THIS IS IMPORTANT. Please add yourself and any other adult that should receive important band related email and texts. I need at least 1 email address, cellphone AND cellphone carrier. Thanks!!