Welcome to Team Hardin and Lee! We are so excited to be your fifth grade teachers this year! We are going to synergize to make this year your best.

Please check our website at least once a week to stay up to date on upcoming events, opportunities, service projects, tests/quizzes, and team happenings. We will also post pictures of exciting things going on within our team on this page.

We love to hear from our parents! Please feel free to send us an email with questions, concerns, and/or celebrations.

Mrs. Hardin & Mrs. Lee

V.I.P. Leaders of the Week Spotlight

Ella Rae Jernigan

Ella Rae has been working like a champion in XtraMath and working towards her reading goals! Ella Rae is my Teacher's Assistant and she is rocking her leadership role! Keep up the great work, Ella Rae!

Justine Wu

Justine has worked very hard to reach millionaire status. She puts forth great effort in everything that she does! Way to go Justine!!!

Math: Adjacent Place Value & Rounding; Quick Check on Fri.

Science: Earth Science (continued)

Reading: Fig. Lang, Review; Unit Test on Friday

Language: Fig. Lang. Review

Social Studies: Constitution, Amendments, & Bill of Rights; Unit Test on Friday

Habit: Habit 8- Find Your Voice

4H: 1st Meeting in September

Collection Items: Pop Tabs


Math Spiral Review due on Friday

Reading Log due on Friday

August 26th @ 7:30 P.M.- PTO will be having a Parent Volunteer meeting in the lunchroom

Pictures from the Week

Sparky Bus Safety

We started D.A.R.E. this week!



Habit of the Month

We are excited to kick off the school year with Habit 8, Find Your Voice. You may be saying to yourself, “Find my voice? What does that mean? I didn’t know I lost my voice.” We are not just talking about the voice you use to talk and sing, although that is some of it. Finding your voice means finding something that you are passionate about, good at, and really like doing. When you find your voice, foster it! If you are passionate about math, dancing, or cooking, nature those things and work on them. After finding your voice, you can inspire and encourage others to find and use their own voices. We want to encourage you to find and use your voice!