Travis Brooks

Instructional Coordinator


Mr. Travis Brooks


"Live today like it is your second time doing it" ~TBrooks

Teaching Commitment:

I am honored that you have chosen to come to my class each and everyday. Therefore, I will make the most of every learning opportunity by presenting motivating, inspiring, and engaging lessons to facilitate your learning.

Content Description:

This course provides students with basic knowledge of earth and space science that will enable them to live interesting, responsible, and productive lives. Students are encourage to think critically and independently, to recognize and weigh alternative explanations of events, and to deal sensibly with problems that involve evidence, numbers, patterns, logical arguments, and uncertainties. Students will develop an awareness of historical achievements and will learn through cooperative laboratory exercises. Topics for the term will include Current Events, Vocabulary, Lab Safety, the Scientific Method, Metric System, Hydrology, Meteorology, Oceanography, Geology, and Astronomy.

Class Information:

6th Grade Advanced Earth Science Period 2

Students also make access of Google Classroom

Enjoy the YEAR!