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Click the image to sign up!

Where: Sunshine Bingo Center, 5712 Outer Loop (in shopping center on the hill behind Dairy Queen on Outer Loop) loosely at the intersection of Outer Loop and Old Shepherdsville Road

What to do: Show up by 12:30 and sign in. Then, walk around until 5:00 selling pulltabs to the bingo players and making change from the money they hand you.

You even get free fountain drinks from concessions and can take breaks during the period. They just ask if you take a break, that you turn in your apron/cash for the duration of your break.

That is a long time on your feet, but the Athletic Boosters are people too and they understand completely. They are a really great group of folks and cut up and have fun just like we do. The more of us we can get up there, the more it will be like when we are running concessions. It will be a blast! And time will fly by - the more the merrier!

The bingo hall is a "smoke free" facility! It's not like the old days of smoke-filled rooms. You can even put on your pedometer and get some walking in!