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Mrs. Cathy Harris, M.S.E.

Reading Recovery/Literacy Specialist

What is Reading Recovery?

Developed by New Zealand educator, Dr. Marie M. Clay, Reading Recovery is a short-term intervention for children who have the lowest achievement in literacy learning in the first grade. Children meet individually with a specially trained teacher for 30 minutes each day for an average of 12-20 weeks. The goal is for children to develop effective reading and writing strategies in order to work within an average range of classroom performance. Reading Recovery is also available to children whose initial reading instruction is in Spanish; Descubriendo la Lecture (DLL) is well established in a number of sites across the United States.

Reading Recovery is an early intervention. Proficient readers and writers develop early. There is strong evidence in the research literature that retention in grade level and long-term remediation efforts do not enable low-progress children to catch up with grade-level peers so that they can profit from classroom instruction. There is also evidence that school failure leads to lack of self-esteem, diminished confidence, school dropout, and other negative outcomes. It is, therefore, necessary to redirect educational policy and funding to the prevention of reading failure. Reading Recovery has a strong track record of preventing literacy failure for many first graders through early intervention.


The Theoretical Foundation of Reading Recovery

7 Key Principles

1. Reading is a complex problem-solving process.

2. Children construct their own understandings.

3. Children come to literacy with varying knowledge.

4. Reading and writing are reciprocal and interrelated processes.

5. Learning to read involves a process of reading and writing continuous text.

6. Learning to read involves a continuous process of changes over time.

7. Children take different paths to literacy learning.

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*** Information used on this webpage was retrieved from and Reading Recovery.

**** The Jackson County School District has been providing Reading Recovery to the lowest achieving students in first grade since 1992.

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Reading Recovery/Interventionist

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