Gifted, Talented, and Creative Program

Heiffer International Ranch-High School Trip

The Fammock-Winners of the ASU Small Business Competition. This team consisted of Katie Clark, Brailey Smith, Scarlet Doyle and Madison Gilliespie. They won !st in Commercial, 1st in Poster, 3rd in Business Plan and were the overall winners including a cash prize of $250.

GT Fun-- Videos:

Marine Biology Camp

3rd and 4th grade Quiz Bowl

Bronx Holland, Avery Scoggins, Rhett Watson, Avery Brunner, Brennin Smith, Robert Rosado, Kade Keton, Caden Templeton, Carissa Furst, Zeke Church, Emeri Baughn, PJ Forehand, Dora Cook and Ryan Keller participated in the Benton Invitational Chess Tournament and came away with a lot of winners!

Chess Tournament in Benton! My 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th graders competed against 200 students. Avery Scoggins placed 1st, Bronx Holland and Zeke Church placed 2nd, Rhett Watson placed 3rd in 4th grade. Kade Keton placed 2nd in 5th grade. Avery Brunner placed 3rd in 3rd grade.

Story Store winners are Dora Cook, Emeri Baughn, Cole Bentz and Bailey Watson !!!!!!!!!! Their stories will be featured in a play put on by Williams Baptist College.

Luann russell

Gifted and Talented Facilitator/Administrator

Advanced Placement Coordinator

(870) 349-2312, ext. 2

Gifted and Talented is offered to students in 3rd - 12th grade. These students must be identified as gifted by a committee of teachers and administrators. The program objectives are to improve thinking, and communication skills in students who have been identified as gifted. It is our goal to provide a flexible curriculum that is qualitatively different and that extends beyond the standard school program.

Students are identified and placed in GT after an identification committee has carefully analyzed standardized achievement and ability test scores, teacher rating scales, creativity test scores, and parent questionnaires. The committee looks for evidence of and interaction of above-average intellectual ability, task commitment, and creative ability.