Mrs. Hanna's 2nd Grade Math and Science

Class Announcements:

Turn in AMI Day 1

  • Please send a coat with you child to school

  • Snow day packet is attached below.

  • We are collecting bottle tabs for the Children's Hospital

  • Make sure to sign up on the remind app for important announcements.

  • If you need to get a hold of me please message me on remind app, call the school, or email me at :

Snow Day Packet

Math and Literacy Link Below:


Problem Solving with Coins and Bills

Monday-Use the fewest number of coins to make a given value.

Tuesday- Use different strategies to make $1 or make change from $1

Wednesday- Solve word problems involving different ways to make change from $1. Test

Thursday- Solve two-step word problems involving dollars or cents with totals within $100 or $1

Friday- Review and test

We will usually have a quiz on Fridays. We will only send home study guides for end of module tests.

We will continue to work on addition and subtraction skills daily. This is the main concept of 2nd grade and students have to be consistent with it by the end of the year.

Science: Natural Disasters

Copy of Copy of 2019- 2020 Daily Schedule

Example Work Shown Below.


12 inches= 1 foot

36 inches= 1 yard

3 feet= 1 yard

100 centimeters= 1 meter

Copy of Math Fluency

Be familiar with these coins, and make sure students are able to recognize them and know the amounts. Students should also be able to understand giving change back within $1.00.

Parent note about skip counting.docx