Mrs. Amanda's 2nd Grade

*Parent math tips will be sent home that go with each lesson(s). Please refer to those for extra practice at home. That is what I consider their "homework." I do not send home worksheets for homework. :)

*You will see lots of Strategies for addition and subtraction. Students are allowed to solve however make sense to them. :)

*Also, when things are being taken for a grade, examples will be on my webpage of what to study for.

*The problem sets that are being sent home daily could be used as a tool to help your child study. These are not designed to be finished in class. However several students do finish these. Students' are given an allotted time to complete as many as they can and then we go over "difficult" ones at the end of that time by discussing strategies on how we could have solved. :)

Lesson Plan Template
Addition and Subtraction Math Help