building heat loss measurement

Accessible, Affordable & Accurate Building Heat Loss Measurement

Measurement provides accurate heat loss assessments, bespoke to individual houses. Traditional heat loss calculations based on visual surveys are prone to inaccuracy resulting in incorrectly estimating the actual heat loss. This is because critical factors like airtightness and the presence and continuity of insulation are hard if not impossible to identify.

In a government-funded study of more than 50 houses, the BS EN12831 calculated heat loss was shown to be wrong 70% of the time.

Use the links below to access performance measurements and measurement-informed heat loss calculations for your project.

In-use monitoring

SmartHTC measurement by monitoring of internal temperature and energy consumption over 3 weeks while a home is lived in and used as normal.

Overnight test

Veritherm measurement by a test carried out over a single night during which the home must be vacated.

Heat pump design

The measured heat loss of a building is the perfect metric for correctly sizing the required heating system. The measurement can be incorporated into a room-by-room BS EN12831 heat loss calculation using Elmhurst's Heat Loss Calculator.

Why measure?

Heat loss measurement is the perfect tool to improve understanding of buildings for retrofit design and assessment, new build assessment or heating system design. Measurement provides insights which are impossible to see by a visual survey.