Student Council

New School Mascot!!!

In the Fall, Student Council Conducted a vote school wide for an official mascot and Hornets won by a landslide!

President's Message:

Hi , My name is Angie and I am president of BUGS Student Council! As a club, we have accomplished a lot and have an amazing team! I'm so thankful for the other members who have my back the whole way! I hope that we can continue making things happen for the better of our school!

Angelina Tagliareni

HORNET HEADLINES!!!! BUGS Student Council began publishing a school newspaper April 2019. We are looking for writers and artists to jazz up our future editions. Please speak with a Student Council Member if interested! Click on the link below to read our latest editions!

April Hornet Headlines

Community Service

BUGS Student Council is committed to helping our community! In the winter, we collaborated with NJHS to do an outreach to the homeless in Downtown Brooklyn. We did a school wide toiletry drive and packed care bags to hand out to the homeless along with Lunch Sacks made by BUGS NJHS members. On one of the coldest days of the year, we offered these donations as well a information on how to get to local warming stations to people in Downtown Brooklyn train stations and Fort Greene Park. All toiletries that were not handed out, were donated to a local homeless shelter.


BUGS Student Council Sponsors many events dedicated to promoting love and kindness to fellow students! For Valentines Day, we traditionally decorate the bathrooms with notes of positivity and love the night before so that students come into an inspirational space first thing in the morning!

For Kindness Month, our members decorated doors with notes of positivity encouraging students to take one or leave one!

Posing in our new Sweatshirts!!!!

500 19th Street, Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn 11215 | Email: | Phone: 718-280-9556