Gifted Program

Bucyrus Elementary School

Students selected to showcase their coding and robotic skills at 2018 OSBA State Conference! (Columbus, Ohio)

Computer Programming & Robotics

Gifted students are excellent coders! They begin coding in the 3rd grade. Students enjoy drawing original characters and writing algorithms.

Coding allows students to integrate math and language arts lessons in a digital format. Lessons are designed as an extension of classroom sons.

As the teacher, I am amazed at the original games and programs students have coded! Students have had their programs copied and added to the coding teacher manual!

4th Grade Robotics

Fourth grade students learn how to code and operate robots. They are busy working together planning, designing, and creating challenges to share with other students. Students also planned all the activities for our Gifted Parent Night! We had a great evening sharing our robot knowledge with parents and friends.

5th Grade Robotics

5th Grade students take pride in building and coding robots! They shared their knowledge at our Leader In Me Leadership Day. Visitors from our community and surrounding school districts attended the special day. Next, they will be sharing their knowledge at the May Board of Education meeting.

Robot Videos.....We shine!

This student designed a robot bowling challenge. She worked the math portion on the board before adding the information to her algorithm. In the video, she will explain the challenge.


A student explains how she built a special "dog" robot. In the video, she will explain how she built it, problems she solved, and how it moves.


This student explains the robot he built and coded to dance, walk, wave, and do the splits. He used his coding skills to code his own set of actions. The robot was built with 180 pieces. He accomplished his task and was very proud. This is another way for students to use their outstanding coding skills.

Students researched famous Americans, used the research to create individual timelines, made an audio recording of each event, and coded the information into a robot. The robot was programmed to move down the timeline and explain each event. A representative from the group will share the lesson at an upcoming Board of Education meeting.

Robots...Coding....Famous Americans....Timelines!

Students designed a robot challenge to share with their classmates. They held the event in the gym and taught their peers about robots. The lesson was a student-led activity where they designed a challenged and presented it to their classmates. During the challenge event, students were in charge of the lesson. They did an outstanding job!

Students Showcase their Robotic and Coding Skills at OSBA Capital Conference in Columbus, Ohio!