Practical Language Arts

Practical Language Arts

  • Will use the Language Live! curriculum
    • 3 components
    1. Text Training - Student Workbooks
    2. Word Training - Online reading and comprehension practice
    3. Writing - Units completed at the end of each unit to promote writing.
  • Google Classroom Link


Each section of the grading process is weighted equally.

  • Text Training (5 points/lesson)
  • Word Training (10 points/week)
  • Writing (5 points/lesson)
  • Weekly Homework (10 points/week)

Weekly Homework Assignment

In addition to the classwork, students will have weekly reading homework in which they have the opportunity to choose one of the following

Weekly Independent Reading Assignment - Choose 1 each week

  • 100 minutes logged in Learning Ally
  • 1 AR Test completed and passed
  • Independent Reading Log - CLICK HERE
  • Create a slideshow, podcast, or video review
ELA HW Schedule