Life Fitness

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  • Mr. Haagenson
  • Mr. Heglie
  • Mr. Nowag
  • Mrs. Pickett
  • Mrs. Powers


Our Life Fitness Department Mission:

  • Our mission is to provide a positive, fun, safe, and enriching environment for students to develop physical and social skills needed to live a long, healthy, and active life.

Elements of Success:

  • Participation, Positive Sporting Behaviors, Personal Responsibility, and Positive Attitude

Possible Activities This Year:

  • Team Sports/Activities: Badminton, Basketball, Flag Football, Foot Hockey, Handball, Pickleball, Rugby, Soccer, Speedball, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee
  • Individual Sports/Activities: Aerobic Conditioning, Circuit Training, Disc Golf, Fitnessgram, Line Dance, Track and Field
  • Cooperative Activities: Critical Thinking/Problem Solving Activities, Create-a-Dance, Obstacle Course Relay, Social Dance, Trust and Learner-Design Games

Policies and Procedures

Required Supplies

  • T-shirt: RHMS or plain gray T-shirt
  • Shorts: RHMS or plain black shorts
  • Laced Athletic Shoes

Recommended Supplies

  • Sweatshirt: RHMS or plain gray sweatshirt (no logos, hoods, zippers, or pockets)
  • Sweatpants: RHMS or plain black sweatpants (no logos, stripes, or pockets)

Uniform Prices

  • Dri-Fit T-shirt/shorts set - $26.00
  • Dri-Fit T-shirt (sold separately) - $12.00
  • New Cotton T-Shirt (sold separately) - $6.00
  • New Shorts (sold separately - $14.00
  • New RHMS sweats – $30.00 set
  • Used shorts or T-shirt - $3.00 each
  • Used RHMS sweats - $3.00 each

Uniform Policy

  • Students are required to dress EVERY DAY in THEIR OWN Life Fitness uniform. For hygiene reasons, students are not allowed to wear another student’s uniform.
  • To ensure proper hygiene, the uniform is to be worn during the students Life Fitness class only and not throughout the day.
  • School clothes may NOT be worn underneath the life fitness uniform.
  • All uniforms must be labeled with permanent black ink only - Last name followed by first initial. All names must be clearly printed on each item. NO OTHER MARKINGS ALLOWED.
  • Uniforms are not to be ripped, torn, altered or written on inappropriately. Any clothing that is ripped, torn, or altered must be replaced.
  • Leggings/stretch/yoga pants are not allowed.
  • Shorts must be worn at waist level (no sagging).
  • During the cold weather months, sweats are recommended. They can be purchased in the RHMS main office.
  • Solid gray sweats may also be worn. The student’s last name and first initial must be clearly marked on the sweats. No hoods, zippers, pockets, or logos on sweats.
  • Laced athletic shoes are required and will be tied for function not fashion.
  • No gloves or beanies will be worn during Life Fitness.
  • Clothes are brought home on Fridays and returned on Mondays.

Loaner Uniform Program

  • When students forget to bring their uniforms to school, they will be provided with a clean “loaner uniform” to use during their class period.
  • At the beginning of class, students will report to the locker room office to check out a “loaner”.
  • At the end of class, students will check the uniform back into the office.
  • If a “loaner” is lost or not turned in, the student will be responsible for replacing the loaner and will be assigned a detention.
  • The third loaner, and each thereafter per trimester, will result in a detention and a loss of merits.

Lockers and Locker Room Guidelines

  • All students will be issued a locker, with the 6th graders sharing a locker.
  • Students are responsible for the contents of the locker at all times. Teachers are NOT responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Backpacks are not allowed inside the locker room.
  • Cell phones are not allowed inside the locker room. Phones will be confiscated and returned at the end of the school day.
  • To prevent theft, lockers are to be locked at all times (before, during and after class).
  • Lockers are to be kept clean and free of stickers, writing, and glass mirrors.
  • No horseplay, running or screaming in the locker room.
  • No glass, aerosol containers, perfume, food or drink in the locker room.
  • Never give out your locker combination to anyone! Combinations are changed each year.
  • Only use the locker you have been assigned. Another student’s locker will not be opened for you.

Attendance and Tardies

A student is tardy when he/she:

  • Enters the locker room after the tardy bell.
  • Is not sitting on their number when the teacher enters roll call.
  • Does not bring a note when entering class late.

The school policy will go into effect when a student is marked tardy.

Class Points

Students earn points for the following activities:

  • Daily warm ups and participation
  • Weekly aerobic conditioning
  • Unit assessments

Aerobic Conditioning

Conditioning will be held once per week. The students rotate between the following activities:

  • Bengal Run
  • Intervals
  • Mile Run
  • Pacer
  • Stadium Workout

Illness and Physical Limitations

  • If a student cannot fully participate in Life Fitness, a written note from the parent should be brought to class. The note should state the following:
    1. Type of injury
    2. Limitations
    3. Accommodations
  • A parent note is only valid for 1 Day. Parents can write notes for 3 consecutive days before a doctor’s note is required.
  • A doctor’s note is required for any limitation that extends beyond three days.
  • Activity modifications will be made for a student that cannot fully participate in Life Fitness.
  • Students are responsible to follow the guidelines set forth by the doctor’s recommendation for limitation.
  • Students that require an inhaler must have written consent on file with the nurse, and keep inhaler with them in class to use as needed.

Absence/Parent Excuse Make-Up

  • Any class missed due to absence or excuse must be made-up to earn the points missed.
  • A missed Aerobic Conditioning day must be made-up by running a mile on Friday after school (2:10).
  • All other missed days must be made-up by completing an alternative assignment
  • Extended medical excuses will be addressed individually by the student’s teacher.

Short Term Medical Excuses (Doctor notes; up to 2 weeks)

  • For a short term medical excuse (up to 2 weeks) on non-aerobic conditioning days, students will be given an alternative assignment to complete in the library during Life Fitness time.
  • For missed aerobic conditioning days, the student will make the days up once he/she returns to class.
  • The student’s grade for the trimester will be a letter grade and will include the alternative assignment as well as all other grades when they were present.

Long Term Medical Excuses (Doctor notes; longer than 2 weeks)

  • If a student has a doctor’s note excusing him/her from Life Fitness long term (i.e., longer than two weeks), the student will be provided an alternative assignment to complete in the library during Life Fitness time.
  • If the extended absence still allows the student to participate in Life Fitness for 75% of the trimester (9+ weeks), the student will earn a letter grade based on their Life Fitness activities’ grades as well as the alternative assignment. The student will have to make up any aerobic conditioning days missed (max of 2 runs).
  • If the student participates in Life Fitness less than 75% of the time (less than 9 weeks), he/she will be given an alternative assignment to complete while in the library during Life Fitness. The grade will then be pass or fail, and not a letter grade. They will not be asked to make up additional runs; their grade will be based solely on the alternative assignment.
  • If the student is out on medical leave for a whole trimester or year, a NM (no mark) grade will be recorded on the report card for Life Fitness.
  • If any of the aforementioned alternative assignments are provided, a comment of “curriculum accommodations” will be noted on the report card.

Physical Fitness Testing

  • In alignment with the California State Standards for Physical Education, students will be assessed on the components of health-related physical fitness using the scientifically based ‘Fitnessgram’ assessment.

Academic Dishonesty

  • If a student is caught cheating, the consequence will be a ‘0’ on the activity or assignment, a Friday school will be assigned, and merits will be lost. The student will have the opportunity to make up the assignment.