Depending on the community and the flight, you may be on a plane which seats anywhere from 5 – 19 passengers. Planes may be single or twin-engine and some are turbine powered.


Alaska Airlines, Bering Air, and Ravn Alaska allow you to check two pieces up to 50 pounds each. Anything above and beyond that is considered excess baggage and you will have to pay additional fees.


All our travel is weather permitting. Flights can be cancelled for a variety of reasons in any season: icing, fog, whiteout, mechanical, etc. Most returning staff leave themselves an extra day when traveling in or out just in case delays occur.

You always want to personally verify your flights to and from Nome, Unalakleet and the village.

Flight schedules change and it is your responsibility to keep track of this information.

Most of our staff soon begin flying with Alaska Airlines and their travel partners to build up miles. After signing up for the mileage plan the next step would to be join Club 49 for additional benefits for Alaskan Residents.

    • Reservations & Customer Service: 1-800-252-7522
    • Nome: 907-443-2288

Bering Air provides services 14 of our communities within our district. Bering Air also offers an awards program for flying with them.

    • Nome Reservations - Local: 907-443-5464 Toll Free: 1-800-478-5422 Online
    • Unalakleet Reservations - Local: 907-624-3175 Toll Free: 1-800-390-7970
    • Schedule

Pathfinder Aviation flies from Nome to Little Diomede via Helicopter.

    • To book flights to Diomede: 907-443-5334

Ravn flies from Anchorage to our District via Unalakleet. Staff who live in the southeastern part of the district (Koyuk, Shaktoolik, St. Michael, Stebbins, and Unalakleet) tend to use this option. Ravn provides services 14 of our communities from either Nome or Unalakleet. Ravn also offers an awards program for flying with them.

    • Reservations - Out of State: 800-866-8394 In-State: 907-266-8394 Online
    • Nome - (907) 443-7595
    • Unalakleet - (907) 624-3595