Moving to BSSD

Housing information is available here

Shipping Your Belongings

Most people mail everything they need up to their school. We recommend that you mail your packages to the school in care of yourself. You can find the list of school address here with the proper way to address your packages.

Please contact the principal at your school before you start sending your packages. This gives the principal and maintenance staff a heads up to start looking for packages and finding a place to keep your packages for the summer. During the summer, school staff will be picking up mail and storing your packages. In most cases your boxes will be stored at the school until your arrival, but staff may actually store them in your housing unit. Most villages offer mail service at the USPS office 5 days a week (Closed on weekends) .

If you would like to contact your site or desire a more specific mailing address here is a list of School Addresses and Phone Numbers.


Professional attire is likely to be less formal than what you may be used it, but it also varies from one school to another. It is recommended that you visit with your principal or a returning staff member to find out what is appropriate at your school.

The Alaska Teacher Placement website has some good recommendations on winter clothing.