Television, Communication, and Radio

TV, Radio, Cell, Internet


All communities receive some television broadcasting. Some are limited to Alaska satellite programming (very limited choices – one channel only). Some villages operate a cable service (expect to pay upwards of $50 for 8-10 channels) and some offer other programs including Dish Network with over 100 channels. Depending on your location, setup and atmospheric conditions, you may get other stations as well.

Returning staff members will be able to point you toward the number you need to call in order to establish phone service. Most carriers want some form of deposit in order to activate an account. Long distance service is expensive, so you we recommend purchasing a rechargeable calling card on your way up.

Internet Services



            • Hughes Net
            • United Utilities
            • Viasat (Excede)

Some communities have access to Hughes Net. A few communities have opted to go with Excede Internet. There is typically a set-up fee, but the speed of the internet is worth the initial cost.


Some villages have 3G

GCI is the local Alaska cell phone provider and has coverage in all sites except Diomede

While major carriers are not covered in the villages. They may work in Nome.


There are three main radio stations in the region: KICY & KNOM out of Nome and KNSA out of Unalakleet.