Negotiated Agreement, Pets: 1302.3.1

For the purpose of this section, the definition of a pet would include the following: dog, cat, ferret, bird and/or animal not contained within a cage. Housing units would be restricted to a maximum of three (3) pets in or about the rental property. Teachers will be assessed a monthly fee of $20 per pet, up to a maximum of $60. All monthly fees collected will be accounted for on a per site basis and will be available for housing repairs/upgrades at that site only.

Please check carefully with your principal though, as some of our housing units specifically forbid pets. Should you bring a pet with you, there are a few things of which you need to be aware. When outside, dogs should be on a leash or tied up. In most of our communities, loose dogs may be put down. Dogs and cats need to be transported in carriers and the local air carriers will charge you for hauling pets and you definitely want to let them know you are bringing a pet when you make your reservation. You will also need documentation that your pets are current on all vaccinations. There are veterinary services available in Nome.