Unless you have made other arrangements, all teacher housing is either owned or leased by the district and then leased back to staff at a subsidized rate which includes utilities. There are some villages where you can find homes to rent that are not run by the district. Shishmaref is the only community left in our district in which teacher housing does not include full plumbing . All district housing has basic furnishings (beds, chairs, other furniture and major appliances). Housing units have limited freezer space and may share laundry facilities. It is your responsibility to provide your personal furnishing items like bedding, curtains, shower curtains, dishes, towels, small appliances, etc. It is a good idea to contact your principal or a returning staff member to try to determine what your residence is like and to find out exactly what you need to bring up with you.


Negotiated Agreement 1301

The teacher occupying housing, which is owned, leased, rented, or otherwise secured by the District, shall enter into an annual lease agreement with the District. The Teacher and District will be subject to the provisions of the Alaska Landlord Tenant Act. Written assignment requests by teachers submitted by March 15, to the site administrator, shall be considered prior to the finalization of housing assignments for the following school-year.


Negotiated Agreement 1302.1: Cost and Payment

Rent shall be paid monthly via payroll deductions during the period from the initial date of occupancy throughout the period during which the unit is assigned to the teacher and until the teacher vacates the unit. The District shall use the following schedule for monthly rental rates.

2018-2019, 2019-2020, 2020-2021:

1 bedroom $810,

Multiple bedrooms $1,010

Negotiated Agreement 1302.5: Rental Conditions

Teachers living in District housing shall be provided with a clean, well-maintained and healthy living unit. Each housing unit shall have the following: working faucets, heat, stove/oven, refrigerator with a freezer, functional window coverings, and functioning furniture, smoke detectors and an easily accessible fire extinguisher for each unit.