Bering Strait School District's

Welcome Wagon

Anchorage, Alaska

Thursday August 1 - Sunday August 4, 2019

Optional opportunity for NEW teachers!

Need help getting ready to move to your new village?

BSSD's Welcome Wagon can help you with your moving needs while you travel through Anchorage by:

Providing transportation

Helping with shopping and shipping

Assisting with logistics (DMV, Bank Accounts, Cell Phones, etc...)

And more!

With help from experienced BSSD staff members;

Sandy King (St. Michael), Brian Walston (St. Michael), and Chase Ervin (District Office)

If interested, let HR know when you are arriving in Anchorage during the window of time, and we can pick you up at the airport

UAA Dorms will be available for discounted lodging, Cost TBD

If you are planning to come stay with us in Anchorage,

Please fill out this form so we know when to pick you up form the airport!

If you are on Facebook, here is the link to our page

Human Resources

Perry Corsetti, Director | 907.624.4309

Tera Cunningham, HR Specialist | 907.624.4308

We hope you are as excited for the year ahead as we are about you becoming part of our district. If you are having any difficulty getting in touch with your site, contact the District Office at 907-624-3611 or Human Resources.

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