Recreation Oppotunities

Recreation Opportunities

There are as many opportunities for recreation as we have employees and of course they vary greatly from community to community. Each and every community will offer options in which you can participate, though the ability to be comfortable entertaining yourself is a great mid-winter attribute. Among our staff you will find those who enjoy: hunting, reading, hiking, sewing, fishing, listening to and making music, cards, photography, painting, skiing, running, watching movies and virtually any other normal pastime. Many, if not most staff members eventually purchase either an ATV or a snowmobile (though once you get here we call them snowmachines) for traveling in and around their community. Staff from your community can provide guidance for you in terms of what would be most appropriate in your community. Snowmachines and ATVs can be ordered from and financed through entities in both Nome and Anchorage. This again is a purchase that may be best left until you have spent at least a little time in your village so you have a better idea of what will work best for you (truly, it is not a good thing to show up with a brand new Polaris ATV in a Honda village).

In many of our communities there are rules, regulations and possibly fees for non-residents who wish to use the land for recreational purposes. In addition to visiting about this with returning staff members, it is strongly recommended that you contact the local Native Corporation or IRA in person regarding this once you arrive in your community.

Opportunities for staff members to hunt and fish vary greatly from one community to another. You should be aware that Alaska requires 12 months of residency to qualify for a resident license and that non-resident licenses are much more expensive. If you are interesting in participating in fishing and hunting you should:

  • Check out your options with returning staff members to your school
  • Check with airlines regarding the transport of weapons
  • Check on the availability of licenses (these are generally always available in Anchorage, Nome and Unalakleet)

Alaska Fish & Game Licenses & Permits Website